Sunday, July 12, 2009


"Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back"

I am not sure if you are a movie freak(neither am I as much as it sounds) but what I realized is, every time I watch a good movie again, I see new things or I'd rather say I feel a new things. Last night I watched Gladiator 'again'. This time what caught my attention was death. I am not really afraid of dying because I know for sure one day I 'will' die, but what bothers me is will I be able to smile back at my death. I know that I am not ready right now. Recently I had two road accidents (believe or not but both of them were not my mistake, I am not a reckless driver :) ). Truly speaking, I felt nothing 'during' the accident, but the moment I picked myself up, I was thinking what if this was more severe and I was killed, and I wasn't smiling at the whole incident. Lucky guy I am, nothing happened to me except some minor scratches(touchwood), but what I am thinking now is will I be able to smile at my death when (whenever and however it comes) I'll face it?

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  1. It`s really a good question, but I don`t know... do we have time to smile at death, whenever she`ll come? I mean, I don`t know, I could not smile though :)