Saturday, September 19, 2009

Does Earth revolves aroud Sun ??

Warning: I am no astronomer or a researcher. Everything below are my random thoughts :P

Does Earth revolves around Sun? Or is it the other way round? Yeah... I know Galileo told this four centuries ago that its Earth that revolves around Sun, but this doesn't means that I can't raise a doubt.. :D :P.

It was around two months back when I was working in my office and this popped into my head. I pinged my colleagues to know their opinion and it was declared that I was getting mad [eh eh eh]. Anyway, back to the point: does Earth really revolves around Sun? Me and everyone else has been taught this in school. But I remember reading another thing, that if two bodies are in motion then both of them are revolving around each other. So, when you say which one is revolving around the other one, it totally depends on the frame of reference. With respect to Earth's frame of reference isn't it absolutely correct that Sun, Moon and all other celestial bodies are revolving around Earth?

Just a thought, may be Sun and Earth are revolving around the combined center of mass (you can extend this for all planets). The center of mass would be closer to Sun so, its revolving in a small circle and the Earth is revolving in a bigger circle. So, when you look from the reference frame of one you can see the other revolving in an elliptical orbit!

Yeah, this all may not make any sense, but it just came back to my mind.. so I thought to put it down..