Monday, August 24, 2009

Broke my leg..

It was supposed to be a two day trip to mumbai that became 7 weeks of bed rest. Last to last weekend I visited my brother in mumbai, went to lonavala on Sunday along with my bhai n bhabhi. At bhushi dam I slipped on a big rock, at first I laughed and nothing seemed wrong till I tried to get up, but then I realized that I cant move my right leg. Everytime I tried moving my leg, or someone helped me move it, I felt something moving in my upper thigh, there was a little swelling too. Anyway, I got up while 2-3 people held me with my arms. I was not able to put my leg down because of pain. Somehow I was made to sit on a chair and 6 people picked the chair to get me to the main road where I was seated in an auto rikshaw that took me to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital looked at my right leg which was about an inch shorter than my left leg and declared that I have fractured my leg. Now the question was where and how severe it was. He suggested two X-Rays: one for thigh and other for pelvis. Finally we found that I broke my Femur where it connects to Pelvis. The doctor suggested to take me to a mumbai hospital where I can be taken good care of as the fracture looked really bad. Then came Ramdas, a wardboy in the hospital who very carefully straightend my leg and tied it to a frame this reduced the pain to a large extent and it was now easier to move from bed to stretcher and then to a car that brought me to Vashi's MGM hospital.

Next day I was operated and the doctor said that the fracture was bad but the operation was successful. I was in hospital for a week and then I was discharged on the Independence day :) with a recommendation of 6 weeks bedrest before I can put weight on my right leg and try walking without supports. Today I'll see my doctor again, my stitches are to be removed. Apart from the pain and bed rest, the better side of the whole incidence is:
o my whole family is together at my brother's place
o all I have to do is eat, sleep, watch TV!!!

[edit] I don't know if anyone of those will ever read this post, but i really want to thank those guys who helped me to get to the auto rikshaw, without them i really would have been in a big trouble.