Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Man is an animal

"Man is an animal", did I miss something? Oh yes! "social". "Man is a social animal", I remember reading that somewhere when I was in school. It sounded alright back then, but now, something seems wrong now or am I wrong now? I guess the more appropriate thing would be to say "Man is an anti-social animal".

To me it seems man created this whole concept of society just to cater to his anti-social nature. How can man remain anti-social when there is no society? Man setups all these rules for society and then just goes ahead and bashes them. What's the purpose of society? The purpose of society is supposed to be people coming together to support each other and make a better living. What really is happening in the name of society? People coming together to get benefit at the cost of others. They don't want to be better than others, they just want to prove that they are better than others. They'll look for things to ridicule other people, show them down, prove their own superiority. They love to criticize other countries, other religions, other castes, other societies, as if they are the chosen ones bestowed upon with all the superiority.

I think it would have been better if man was just an animal rather than a social animal.

p.s. Gupta ji, in the comment of last post you said "The day you will see a pig and human as equal, you will be a happy person". May be pigs are happier than men, probably they see us no different from them. :D

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