Monday, April 13, 2009

The more we learn the lesser we know

"The more we learn the lesser we know", sounds preposterous, but is it?
All the time I see the learned people struggling every day to learn more, to do more, to get more, behaving as if they got nothing, no time to take a time off, while the unlearned ones keep on enjoying their ignorance. The more we learn seems to take away much more from us. Everytime we learn something it opens up doors to many other things that we don't know and make us desperate for knowing more. The question is learning might be making us desperate to know more, but how does it cause to know less?

Lets say, knowing something gets you a positive point, and not knowing something gives you a negative point, the things that you don't know about (not even that you don't know it) gets you a zero. You might ask, whats the basis for this scheme? Well, I chose this scheme because I assume absolute knowledge is bliss, because when you know everything, you don't have to worry or fear, think or do anything about anything and your mind and soul are at peace, so knowing something gets you a positive point, a maximum score indicates bliss. As I see in my daily life, being aware of something that you don't know causes some negative effect that takes you away from this bliss, so a negative point for it, While not knowing about something (not even that you don't know it) just doesn't causes any effect, so a zero.

When a child is born he is at zero level, he knows nothing about anything. As he learns some new thing [getting a positive point for it :)], he learns about many more things that he doesnt know [and thus getting a negative point for each of them :(], the net result is: he moves to a negative level. As this *learning* continues he collects some positive points and many more negative points thereby continuously moving towards negative side, away from bliss.

Knowledge is boundless (and so, bliss is impossible, but a high positive score may be close to bliss), so a state never comes when a person is already aware of everything he doesn't know so that he can fetch no more negatives and then just continue moving towards bliss learning about everything he doesn't know. Everytime we learn something new, this boundlessness of knowledge just keeps us moving away from bliss or the absolute knowledge, and so "The more we learn the lesser we know".

[This post is dedicated to the highest positive scorer: Gupta ji]


  1. Will you be happy living as a pig ? Don't think of it as a sarcastic comment. The day you will see a pig and human as equal, you will be a happy person. Its not the hunger that creates negativity in us, its our ego which makes us look down upon ourselves. there is much more to write but then it wont be a comment. I hope i will write a response blog. And thanks a lot for finally accepting my superiority over you lesser mortals :)

  2. No need to thanks, as I said people always move in the negative direction because of the boundlessness of knowledge, I am sure you understand that the footnote was a hypothetical statement!
    :P :D