Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are all Sick!

We are all sick.

Did I say.. sick?

Yes I did!

Oh..Really? Is it so..What kind of sickness?

Nature created us for two reasons survival and growth of race, it seems to be the way with every other species.

So? what it has to do with sickness? Man seems to be doing a good job.

Oh yeah.. man seems to be doing a good job, but not as good as other animals.

What? Do I mean other animals are doing better than man. I must have lost my mind.

That's it, that's the sickness I'm talking about.

What? Do I mean man has gone crazy?

Yeah, in a way. Man would have done a great job, but he got infected.

Infected with what?

With emotions! He started to feel things other than survival and growth of race.
He started feeling Love, Hate, Pride, Grief and it let everything to this imbalance. Every other species tries to maintain equilibrium, they eat, sleep, reproduce, do everything in balance. They don't kill each other until and unless to survive or to reproduce.

I guess I am right, everything man does just makes the situation more worse. Man is destroying this beautiful Earth which otherwise would have been much more beautiful than it is now. We are destroying everything. We all really are sick.


  1. So, I think the best remedy (according to you) will be to take sanyas (detach yourself from all kind of emotions) and remove your sickness..Jai Ho!

  2. Hey.. i didnt say anything about remedy :P, I just said that we are defected pieces.
    We anyway don't have to worry about this sickness, man will destroy himself before any cure can help.

  3. Dude...life is interesting this way. If it would not have been for this sickness, we would be sitting on the branch of a tree right now and you would be picking the lice on my back and savoring it.

    Anyway, baat sahi hai but jo bhi hai life aise hi mast hai.

  4. i dont agree man's still an animal
    u said"They(animals) don't kill each other until and unless to survive or to reproduce"

    if u take a minute to think about why wud a man KILL u will realise either it will be for survival or to reproduce
    with both words not taken to their exact literal meanings

    its just my point of view and a man will surely survive better and its growth will always be better and in a proportion to whose more of an animal.

    And i absolutely love your blog.You rock.........as always.

  5. just a nit-pick.. when I said animal kill to survive or reproduce, I meant they have no other choice. Man sure has more choices but he chooses to kill his alike.

    Also, manhood is not growing better, its just growing, we have already disturbed the balance.

    and..thanks for your appreciation!

  6. Niche blog :)

    I've added it to my personal bookmarks with my other blogs...


    I see your meaning in this uhmm "rant" or declaration, w/e it is supposed to be, and it has some good thought in it, very interesting, but In my Christian opinion, we weren't created to be like animals, we were created to be us, Humans. Sure Humans kill; they lust; they antagonize, but they also, as you mentioned, love; protect; sympathize. How often will you find that in an animal? Maybe this disease as you call it isn't just a bunch of cons, maybe pros come with this "disease". Maybe it isn't a disease, but a blessing with a burden? Perhaps this unique attribute that we have as Humans will prove useful some day? When Humans learn to mature more than ever before, and shed the negative side to this "disease", then maybe the positive to being Human will truly begin to reveal itself.


    Sorry for long comment :D

  7. Thanks for your comment. Sure my words sound like man does no good, but that's not what I exactly meant. I think of it as any other sickness; even if you are sick, you keep on working as much as possible, similarly man is doing good, but not as good as can be done.

    Sure animals love, protect and sympathize a good example is a dog.

    and last thing, there's nothing to be sorry :), you are always welcome to give your thoughts/opinion.

  8. Alright cool thanks for commenting back :)