Friday, June 18, 2010

The biggest delusion of all times is time itself

Time was invented to sequence events, to record what happened first, and what after that. Just like a label. We never realized when time took control of our lives. Things went wrong when we thought of time as an absolute entity, shared by everything and everyone. Is time really same for everyone?

As I see, time is not same for everyone. Putting it simply: when speed (w.r.t. clock time) of some action gets slow, it's because of its time getting slow! Assuming time is absolute makes many thing simpler, looking it the other way can explain things which otherwise have no satisfactory answers.

When you are feeling bored lazy, your time goes fast, you spend like an hour while your watch shows that only 15 minutes have passed. Similarly when you are excited, enjoying, your time goes slower. No doubt being happy makes you live longer i.e. with respect to the clock time.

Some people seem to age faster, others look younger just because their time passes at different rate.

Some people can solve problems quickly, because their time passes fast. While you think they solved the problem in seconds they actually took a minute of "their time" to solve it.

Oh, by the way, if you have realized I just discarded "Time Travel" concept as viewed by most of us :).


  1. Einstein ke bad time ko samazane wala tu hi hai :)

  2. I think that's why 'Time' has been a mystery to many poets, painters, musicians and philosophers alike..including engineers(like you)too.

    Reading this I remember the Bob Dylan's latest album "Time out of Mind'as well as Steely Dan's song 'time out of mind'. All were saying the same story about how strange is time, your time and our time or maybe everybody's time!

    I should say indeed, you have put in a nice piece of thought on all about time!!

  3. lot of time passed while trying to understand your blog :D

  4. Okay !!

    Though Einstein mentioned it the other way round (when you sit with loved ones, your time seems to go fast and while you sit on a stove a minute seems an hour), your post essentially captures the essence of time

    How I wish my time was fast so that I solved all the equations and coding issues!

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  6. I said same as what Einstein said!!

    "when you sit with loved ones, < your time># seems to go fast and while you sit on a stove a minute seems an hour"

    #"your time" here is referred to what I call "clock time"

    I said "your time" goes slow thus relatively "clock time" seems to go faster. You think its just been few minutes, while clock shows its more than an hour.

  7. you know even i keep thinking about the concept of time very often...i dunno if your thoughts have scientific basis...but they sound very similar to mine!! many a times i wonder if some specific people get 48 hrs a day and i am the unlucky one with 24! :) gotta nice blog out here! :)