Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Predefined or a matter of chance but not a choice!

Life is predefined or a matter of chance but not a choice. I have used this 'funda' many time. The best thing about this 'funda' is that the other person is left baffled. They obviously can't agree to such a thing and eehh at the same time they can't really disagree :D.

How do people do something? They do some action: blink eyes, move hands, speak etc. How do people do some action? They move some muscle in their body which results into action. How do muscle move? They get signals from brain. How do muscle get signals from brain? Chemical reactions! How does a brain thinks? Again chemical reactions. You can not deny the fact that every thing that happens in our body is result of some chemical reactions. Everything happening around us is a result of some chemical reactions.

Consider this: for a given condition, keeping everything fixed; the temperature, the pressure and everything else, will a chemical reaction produce exactly same products every time?

If you think that the answer is 'YES', then your life is nothing but a chain reaction. At any instant the present conditions are product of the previous reactions, which were product of previous reactions and so on till the 'start of time' when the first reaction took place. No matter what you do, or think to do, its all part of the game. Nothing could have happened except what happened. You have no control on what's happening.

If you think your answer to the question is 'NO', then your life is just a matter of chance. Since all the conditions remain same there can not be a logic as to determine what would be the products of a reaction. It has to be random. Everything you do or happening around is result of random reactions. You again have no control on what's happening.

Whether its predefined or a matter of chance life is surely not a choice.


  1. True.. :) life is predefined i guess for me... :)

  2. bahut ho gaya .. ab to band ker.. :):)

  3. My 2 cents (read fundas)

    If you say that life is predefined - just like a chemical reaction is - yu have forgotten about another ingredient to it - THE CATALYST!

    So, if you have an added "CHANCE' of having a catalyst in your life, there ho! you have a life with a mixture of predefined and by chance.

    But, there there - another funda is bubbling in my head - what about you are chanced upon by two options to make A choice, say you get a job at "google" and a say road side mechanic shop, you can make only one choice here. And only you can make a choice here - you will ultimately reach a point where you will have xyz as your bank balance, but the difference might be that - you will have the BB with google in 2 years and with the in 30 years. So, your CHOICE acted as a catalyst here!!

    Now you can say that you got 2 choices because it was a matter of chance and that it was predefined that you choose "google", but the truth I think is life is a mixture of the three. Nonetheless, the talk on PREDEFINED, CHANCE, CHOICE can lead you in circles, so I would rather conclude by mentioning a thought that Dumbledore once told to Harry Potter

    Its our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities

    When you think that you made your choices, it makes you prouder (or weaker at times), but you get a feeling that you control your life However true of false it may be! :)

  4. well.. catalysts are also chemicals! so when i said keeping everything fixed .. it included the presence of catalysts if any. The added "CHANCE" of having a catalyst means chemicals popping up from nowhere.

    Sure .. my theory didn't include matter coming into existence from nowhere.. may be it happens and what i wrote is just rubbish.. but hey .. i wasn't proposing a theory .. they are just my thoughts :P :)

    hmmm.. regarding the two choices of a job in google or a mechanic shop, the "things happening around" included that. So, a job offer from google HR would be result of chemical reactions in her head which made her to offer you a job, same with the shop owner. Your choosing one job is also result of some chemical reaction in your head. As all these reactions are either predefined or by chance you haven't really "made" a choice.

    Anyway .. liked ur way of thinking.. :) .. keep commenting on my posts .. good food for my thoughts