Friday, October 17, 2008

Mind and God

Mind and God
After my previous post, last week I had a discussion with Agam. He has some thoughts similar to mine. He was planning to write a book on this topic but it appears he lost his interest for some reason. Anyway, I suggested him to blog it so that if he ever thinks again to write a book, it could help, moreover he'll get other people's comments as well, which could help improving the content. But I guess he wasn't interested in putting it down anyway. So, here I am putting his content my way. There might be places where I deviate from his theory, miss some points, or add something, but I already said I'm putting it my way!

Agam's theory is based on a simple postulate:
Our mind can emit electromagnetic waves AND it can also absorb them.

With this he tried to explain me the existence of God and various other things that we see around us.

Our mind has three levels of consciousness:

1] The Conscious Mind - This is what we know very well. All that we think or do is taken care by our conscious mind. Its very logical in nature, puts things together so that they make sense.

2] The Subconscious Mind - Next to the Conscious Mind, comes the Subconscious Mind. We don't actually see it working, but we can feel its presence through intuitions, involuntary actions, dreams, deja vu. Anything that happens automatically without our consent i.e. without our conscious mind coming into action. The Subconscious Mind is not very logical, though it can be very accurate at times.

3] The Unconscious Mind - Last comes the Unconscious Mind. The Unconscious Mind is the one that emits and absorbs the electromagnetic waves. It communicates with the rest of the universe. Its our sixth sense that gets us information that the other five senses don't or can't get.

Effect of these three levels of our mind on our lives:

The conscious mind does everything we want to do. It represents "us" thinking and doing what we "want" it to do. That doesn't needs much explanation.

Coming to the Subconscious Mind. It handle our intuitions, dreams, luck etc. Subconscious Mind keeps on getting inputs from the our 5 senses and the Unconscious Mind (the sixth sense). It filters out things not usually required by the Conscious Mind, puts them away for its own use and gives the rest information to the Conscious Mind. Few things I'd like to explain on this logic:

o Sometimes it happens, that you read about something or someone talks about it, and from that point you notice or find something closely related to it everywhere. These closely related things were always there, but you wonder that you never noticed them before. Earlier the Subconscious Mind was filtering out that information, but not anymore.

o Sometimes you are looking for something, say a pen, you don't know where to find it. Suddenly out of nowhere you look under the pillow, and there it is! May be sometime back you did look at the pen very near to the pillow, but the Subconscious Mind filtered out that piece of information and you never noticed it. While you were looking for it, the Subconscious Mind responded and told the Conscious Mind to look under the pillow.

o The intuitions, dreams, deja vu are all results of the Subconscious Mind processing every bit of information it receives. Since it processess too much information very fast, it doesn't follows a logical path. It jumps from one thing to other. Only when you (Conscious Mind) are too much stressed for something (like finding the pen) it comes for the help, gives a hint and gets back to its work.

o Some people are lucky they just do the right thing at the right time. Its there Subconscious Mind that gives them intuitions to do the right thing.

The Unconscious Mind, I haven't said much about it till now, but it does the most important job: emitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. These mind waves are a way of communicating with the rest of the universe. Every information we receive from our senses, the Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind is transmitted by the Unconscious Mind, and the information transmitted by others is absorbed and fed to the Subconscious Mind.

The amazing thing about The Unconscious Mind is that it works at a very low level, it doesn't differentiate itself from the other Unconscious Minds. It works as if there is a single Unconscious Mind located at different places in parts connected to each other with the electromagnetic waves that it emits and absorbs.

Few more things I'd like to point in support of the Unconscious Mind
o Have you ever looked up suddenly and found someone directly looking at you.
o Similarly, have you ever looked at someone and suddenly he/she looks at you.
o When you look at a person for the first time and before your conscious mind brings up its own conclusions about him/her you get a feeling of what kind of person he/she is, which is usually correct.

Many of us have heard about people who can tell your past and future just by seeing your face, hand, or can tell where to find your stolen or lost valuables. The explanation of this based on this theory is that they have a very trained Subconscious Mind. Something similar to a trained Conscious Mind of a mathematician who can do large mental calculations in seconds. When they look at you, their mind tries to recollect all the information you already have knowingly or unknowingly. Based on this information their Subconscious Mind tells them the needed details.

Prayers: Another interesting thing that Agam discussed were prayers. I haven't noticed much, but according to him its true that when you pray for others they are mostly accepted, but when you pray for yourself they are not accepted that often. Some people get their most of the prayers answered, while others get no success. His logic with respect to the things I said above is that, when you pray for others, you mostly say their name or visualize them. Your prayer gets registered in the (collective) Unconsious Mind, which immediately starts working for it. The visualization or being specific about their name helps the Unconscious Mind to do the job efficiently and accurately. While you pray for yourself, they prayers are something like this "oh God! I want to be a good singer". When the Unconscious Mind gets this, he doesn't know who exactly wants to a good singer? All he knows is a "I" or "me". It choses the nearest match it finds depending upon the rest of the information that it got with the payer. Sometimes its you, sometimes someone else. So, finally your prayer does gets answered, but in favour of someone else.

This again reminds me of the Affirmations. The correct way of writing affirmations was to include your name in it, and visualize the results. Thus making it easier for the Unconscious Mind to work for you. So, if you think that God doesn't listens to your prayer, try prying this way i.e. mentioning your name and visualizing yourself, and if it comes true, do mention it in this blog's comment! I'd really like to know if it works.

While thinking about all this, an earlier thought was that their is no God. But now it seems as if this collection of Unconscious Mind is the God. God, who is present everywhere, invisible to our eyes, knows everything, can control everyone, who listens to our prayers, God who resides in us.


  1. Very nice blog chetan. I never expected such philosophical stuff from you :-)
    It reminds me of a very famous quote by Swami Vivekanand -
    "All power is within you. You can do anything and everything. Have faith in yourself first. Be conscious and bring it out."

    Yes, I believe in prayers. Prayer and faith go together i.e. you need immense faith to make your prayer come true. I started believing in this after one of my very close aunt told me about her theory of prayers. She told me the same stuff that you have written in your blog. She has transformed my thinking in such a way that now I feel I am a strong person. I had a bad time coz of my health some months back. But now I think it is because of my optimistic attitude and the prayers from my loved ones, that I am absolutely fine.

  2. Very cool, and thought provoking ... I've been a part of many conversations with these themes, but never had the heart to pen it down... maybe I'll do it soon; BTW, the thought of each unconscious mind being a mere pulsating entity in a vast sea of unconsciousness is fascinating ...

    ~ Ankit Bhalerao ~