Thursday, November 26, 2009

Status messages

Some of my status messages...

  • When man learns to look deep inside others, he learns to forgive.
  • Everyone has a talent but the real talent is to control it.
  • Some people just live to die while some others are dying to live.
  • May be you'll win, but you see, I can't lose now.
  • Common man is a waste produced by friction between powerful people.
  • When u look yourself close enough, you don't see problems.. you see there is nothing to fix.
  • If whole mankind was to be described by a single word, it would be 'stupid'.
  • Our leaders fought for freedom and all they got was independence!
  • It really pains sometimes, most of the other times pain is just an imagination.
  • Are we really living or someone is playing SimCity up there?
  • Many mornings I wake up and think "When was the last time I slept?" 
  • God doesnt need to be pleased or made happy. Just embrace the Power with all heart. Be a part of it, be God.
  • No doubt everyone is unique, the problem is 99% of people are unique only in 1% of aspects. 
  • A good life is when you don't have to think about whether its a good life or not. 
  • Try being good and happiness runs away from you. Be good and happiness will follow you. I guess I'm still trying 
  • Knowledge makes life difiicult. If you don't know there is a tiger under you bed you'll sleep calmly. If you know there is a harmless tiger under your bed, you just can't sleep 
  • Even the ugliest truth is beautiful. No matter how painful, it provides solace to soul.
  • Sinners are potential saints - Swami Vivekananda 
  • Two things drive a man, his family and his dreams. Give him a good family and respect his dreams and you'll get the best out of him.
  •  Everyone has something boring to talk about. When you find someone who is not boring at all, you know you are in love. 
  • May be the world will take me away from myself, but it can't take away my thoughts.. my dreams for they don't belong to this world. 
  • They planned, planned and planned and He smiled for it was all His plan. 
  • We are all defective pieces. Love is when two defective pieces fit into each other.
  • There is already a machine on my desk, don't want another one on my chair.
  • Don't say sorry or thanks till its really needed or it'll stop having any meaning. 
  • Killing is not really a sin, enjoying the killing is.
  • I'm nothing but ashes.... a phoenix will rise again
  • Many a times I don't want to be myself... but there are no better options.
  • I don't hate myself, its just I am what I hate.
  • Brilliance and madness are two sides of the same coin
  • Money is not the only source of happiness, but its sure one of the best ones.
  • You don't need a medical certificate to be mad... just be yourself. 
  • People people everywhere, trying to make a living, are they really living??  
  • Dilbert makes me feel better
  • Behind every man there is a woman, and its upto her to make him successful or devastate him.
  • I'm not a bad guy, just tired being a good guy.
  • Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.
  • Part1--If you can convert your thoughts into other's feelings, you are one of those who rules this world. Part2--What you feel are actually the thoughts of those who have been ruling this world. (agam)


  1. How many of these mentioned are your own ??

  2. almost all... not sure if I heard "Be careful what you ask for, you might get it." somewhere or thought it.. the last one is not mine..

  3. If all are yours then you must be a very thoughtfull person,i realy like your thougts. Hmm I wana add you in my Orkut, Facebook can your pls send me your links?

    you can visit my blog here:

    also what i think( i also write proverbs ), few are here:

    "If you want to control others control yourself first"
    "You can't hide your history, but you can overload it with your good karm"